What you didn't know about Blogger in Draft

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If you are currently on Blogger, there's a feature available to you that you might not be aware of. It's called Blogger in Draft, and it is where Google is testing new features soon to be added to Blogger. To access it, log in to your blog at draft.blogger.com instead of the usual www.blogger.com.

Google has a link to this feature below the dashboard, but what they don't tell you (or at least make clear, anyway), is that once you add a new item in Layout to your blog in Blogger in Draft, it stays on your blog. You can edit it after you log out of Blogger in Draft and go back to Blogger. In other words, all of these cool new features are available for use - they're still not officially released, meaning that they are still in Beta, but you can use 'em and keep 'em if you want to.

I tried a few of the new widgets avaialable in Blogger in Draft - there's a whole bunch of them, considering that a lot of them are actually Google Gadgets. One I tried, a new type of blogroll, is up over on the Free Blogging Tools test site. What's different about it is that you can show the latest posts for blogs on your blogroll, as well as the blog's icon if there's one attached to it (the orange blogger B if the blog is on Blogger).

By all means, check out Blogger in Draft. Chances are there's that perfect new widget you've been looking all over the web for. And check back here soon, I'll be reviewing some of the cool new features.