What the heck is a Blidget, anyhow?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Free Blogging Tools and Resources Blidget

Well, it's a Blog in a Widget. Ok.... Why would I want one? So your friends can put YOUR blog on THEIR blog in a widget. And vice-versa. And if you have more than one blog, you could put the Blidget for blog #1 on blog #2, and vice versa.

What you see above is a screen shot of the blidget for this blog. You can see it live on the Free Blogging Tools test site - just look over on the left-hand side of the blog.

You can get one for your blog over at Widgetbox - I mentioned their site in my last post as a good place to get widgets.  Sign up for a free account, create a Blidget for your blog and publish it - They'll put it in their Blidget directory, and your friends (and maybe even some people you don't know) can pick up the Blidget for their site. You can fully customize the look and feel of your Blidget, and when others pick up the code to add it to their site, they can customize the layout and color theme to match their blog.