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Friday, April 4, 2008

Well, I think the new template has all the bugs worked out, so I guess we're off and running. I started this blog after posting a couple of articles about free blogging tools and resources on my other blog, No Cost Software. I noticed there was quite a bit of interest, so I decided to start this one focusing on the subject. You can look for posts here that contain short descriptions and links to good, free blogging tools and resources that I've found over the past few months (and into the future).

If you know of a good, free blogging tool or resource that you would like to see reviewed, email me at > Suggestions. Also, if you read about a tool or resource here that you've tried and liked, or disliked, consider posting a comment here so that others can benefit from your experience.

Finally, if you are having a problem with one of the items reviewed here, leave a comment on the page for that post, or see the Help page for more contact info.  I will be glad to try and help with your problem.  If you have a problem with the site, please email me from the Help page as well - I'm sure I haven't worked out ALL of the bugs, yet :)  Enjoy!