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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spotplex popular posts widget

I searched all over the net for a "Popular Posts" widget that works with Blogger. I found several that didn't work at all, much less with Blogger. Then I finally came across Spotplex. You can see a screenshot of their Popular Posts widget above, or you can see one in action over on my other blog, No Cost Software (it's in the right-hand column, right under the tag cloud).

Spotplex traffic graph

This widget works with Blogger layout, and should work with any blogging platform that allows you to add javascript code. You'll need to register a free account at Spotplex to get the code for this widget (click on "Get your Spotplex code"). In return, they will host the data for your widget, and provide some good statistics about your site's visitors (see the graph above). It will take a little while for your Popular Posts widget to have meaningful data, but soon you'll notice that it is indeed tracking the posts that are read most often.