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Sunday, April 6, 2008

TotalPing! blog pinging service

If you're not pinging the major RSS feed directories after you update your blog, you probably should be. If you're not, it's probably because it takes too much time to do this manually. Enter TotalPing!, the best service for automatically pinging the major RSS feed directories I've found. They ping to the most up-to-date list of RSS feed directories I've seen.

All you have to do to use this service is enter the Title, URL and RSS feed URL of your blog, then select which services to ping to (they have a convenient Select/Unselect All feature at the top of the list), then press the Make Ping! button and your done(You only have to enter all of this information the first time you visit - they set a cookie that automatically fills in the form the next time you go there). You can wait around to see the results if you want, but this is not necessary as I've found this to be a very reliable service.

How do I tell what my blog's RSS feed URL is? Well if you're using Blogger, it follows this format:

I'm not sure what it is for Wordpress, if someone knows, please post a comment.

Why would I want to ping all those services. Well, for two reasons - first, making sure the most up-to-date version of your feed is out there on the web. And second, and probably most important, is BACKLINKS. Whenever you ping a major blog directory or feed aggregator, you make sure that a link to your blog's feed is maintained in their database. This plus the fact that most of the feed aggregators have a "Recently Updated" page that your link will appear on as soon as they are pinged - the result is another backlink.

You really can't afford NOT to do this if you use a service like TotalPing!, it only takes a minute or so to do. Get in the habit of doing it right after you finish a new post, and you'll gain some quality links to your blog.


Mohanjith said...

You need to give Poll-n-Ping! a try. You only need to put the details of your blog once and it will ping 20+ services when it detects that there are new posts.

You can concentrate on blogging while Poll-n-Ping! will do the pinging. You can save time.

You can put as many blogs as you wish for free.

wrgb said...

Thanks, mohanjith, I'll give it a try. Sounds great, it would be quite a timesaver.

TheViejo said...

Hi, very thanks for your review for totalping.