Free Blogging Tools - More new widgets (gadgets) from Blogger in Draft

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've been spending quite a bit of time on Blogger in Draft lately, and have tried a few more of the new widgets (Blogger refers to them as gadgets). Here's my feedback on a couple more.

Subscription widget
Blogger in draft subscription widget

This new widget places RSS icons on your blog so your readers can easily subscribe to your site's feed. Users can choose to subscribe to posts and/or comments, and there is a drop-down box for selecting the RSS reader to use. This is a nice widget, but I would like to see a longer list of readers, including some of the non-browser-based ones such as RSS Owl and FeedDemon. You can play with it on the Free Blogging Tools test site. To get this gadget in Blogger in Draft, log on at , in Layout select Add Gadget, and it is in the Basics category. After adding it to your blog, you can log out of Blogger in Draft and go back to your regular Blogger account ( If you ever need to edit the new gadget, you can do it with your regular Blogger account.

Blogger Play widget

Blogger Play widget edit screen
Blogger play widget player view

This one's not ready for prime-time yet. It's going to be nice when they get the bugs worked out, though. What it does is show a "slideshow"of other Blogger's photos as they are uploaded to the Blogger site. It does this using an attractive little player window.  Right now, it doesn't seem to update properly, and the preview mode while trying to edit settings is unworkable, so you can't see the effects your changes will have. Keep an eye on it - I'll try and post an update when it gets better. You can see it as-is over on the Free Blogging Tools test site.  To play with it in Blogger in Draft, logon at, select Layout, Add Gadget, and it's in the Featured category.