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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Apollofind Website Counter

This little counter widget is from . You can register for a free account there, and pick up the code for this widget (they have several styles and colors available. You'll not only get an accurate count of the number of visitors to your site, but they track all kinds of traffic data for you on their site. Just log into your account and click on All-In-One Report, and you can see number of visits, page views, number of returning visitors, which pages visitors viewed, where the visitors came from (gives the url or search engine that referred them to your site), and a host of other information. Definitely a bargain for the price.

Apollofind website counter report
Apollofind website counter stats

One note about the All-In-One Report - it EATS browswer resources. Both Firefox and Opera will occasionally halt while displaying this very long report. So use the shorter summary reports over on the left of the Apollifind site if this is a problem for you. Apollofind also has a site-search widget available, but I haven't been able to discover the link to get it. It seems that once you sign up for the free counter, you can't get the site search. If anyone discovers the link for this site-search widget, please post a comment. Get free site counter from