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Monday, April 7, 2008

AddThis! Bookmark Button

Get an AddThis! button for your site

You've probably seen this little button on blogs and other content around the web. It drops down a list of most (all) of the social bookmarking sites out there, and allows your readers to bookmark your content to the site that they prefer. Ever wonder where it came from? Well, it comes from the folks at AddThis!, and there's more under the hood than appears on first look.
AddThis! Bookmark Button weekly data
You can go to their site and sign-up for a free account (sign-up is optional, but you'll get advanced features if you do), and pick up the code for this neat little widget. Then just place the code on your site wherever you want the little AddThis! icon to appear. If your site is a blog, you'll need to put it in the template just before the post footer section (See here for Blogger instructions).
AddThis! bookmark button data breakdown
AddThis bookmark button data services
What's under the hood? Data. Since us bloggers and webmasters are addicted to it, the AddThis! site gives us lots of data to feed our cravings. You can see how many times someone has used the button to bookmark your content, with a breakdown of the number of bookmarks to each service. So what are you waiting for? You can get one now at the AddThis! site.