Free Blogging Resources - List of free blog directories to submit your blog to

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I've been working on an updated list of blog directories that take free submissions for blog URLs or feeds. I haven't completed it yet, but thought I would share a link to a very good existing list. You can find this list at Top Rank List of RSS and Blog Directories. It's a little outdated - a few of the directories on the list now charge for submission, and a few no longer exist. But overall, I'd say it's about 80% good links for submitting your blogs RSS feed or URL. I used the list when I started my first blog, and I've gotten quite a few hits from some of the directories I submitted my blog to.

As for which directories on the list to submit to first, I would say Technorati, Google (Blogsearch) and Yahoo! would be the ones to start with. (Note that Google ( is not on this list). If you are using Blogger, and you answered yes to "let the search engines index my site", you're probably already in Google (Blogsearch). You can check this in Blogsearch by typing "" in the search bar, and the search will come back with a list of all the pages of your site that are indexed. BTW, the "'site:" parameter works on any of Google's or Yahoo's search engines and for any site url, whether Blogger or not.