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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tired of the meager selection of default templates included with Blogger layout? Well, I was, and I've recently done quite a bit of searching for 3 or 4 column custom templates that will work with the Blogger layout feature. This post is about some of the sites I found.

Free iPhone Template for Blogger

This cool iPhone template comes from Blogger Templates. The author of the templates at this site is very helpful and provides good support. You can view a live demo of most of the templates on this site. Some very well-done 2 and 3 column templates. Definitely worth a visit.

FinalSense Free Blogger Templates

FinalSense has some of the best-looking 3 and 4 column templates I've seen. Click on the Beta (Google account) link to view the ones that work with Blogger layout. These templates are plug-and-play, unlike some of the other free custom Blogger templates I've seen. One thing, though - the author doesn't seem to offer support for the free templates - only for paid web design. So be aware.

Another selection of good 3-column templates is over at They've set up test sites on Blogspot for each of the templates, so you can see them live. Also, this guy's blog is full of comments concerning support, and he answers every one. The template I'm using for this site came from here. Be aware that some of these templates were originally written in another language (Spanish) and then converted to work with Blogger layout. So you may run across some Spanish text while changing colors, etc. in Layout. Just use one of the web translators, like Google Translator if you don't know what something means.

One note about using a custom template - Be sure and back up your existing template before changing to a new one. If something goes wrong, chances are your blog will still be ok if you revert back to the original. And don't forget to back up your new template as well, after you've done all of the fine-tuning.