BlogRush Widget - Free traffic for your blog

Friday, April 11, 2008

BlogRush widget

BlogRush is a new service that can help you increase traffic to your blog. You can see their widget in action on the right-hand side of this blog (the one above is a screenshot). Here's how it works - You get a credit each time someone visits your blog and the BlogRush widget is displayed. For each credit that you have, a link to your latest blog post is displayed in the BlogRush widget on another BlogRush users blog.

One added bonus to this credit system is that you get display credit for all the people that you refer to BlogRush. If they sign up, then you get credit for the traffic on THEIR site as well as for your own. So if someone with a fairly high traffic site signs up from yours, you might even get more display credit from them than you do from your own traffic.

BlogRush widget traffic graph

Another nice feature that is included with BlogRush is a pretty graph of the daily traffic on your site. This doesn't have a breakdown of referrals, search engines, etc., but it is a quick way to get a snapshot of your site's traffic pattern. Also, this graph is updated several times daily, so you get a semi-real-time look at your traffic. (If you want more detailed traffic stats, see this post about the Apollofind website counter widget.

You can sign-up and get your own BlogRush widget over at the BlogRush website. One note about signup - You need to have 10 or 12 good posts on your blog before they will accept you into the network. So if you've just started your blog and only have a few posts, you might want to do a little writing before heading over there :)