5-Star Ratings Widget Evaluation

Saturday, April 5, 2008

This is the 5-star ratings widget from the folks over at getuserfeedback.com. I've put it up here for evaluation purposes - if it works out well I will be adding it to all my posts. Go ahead and try it, try it more than once if want - it's supposed to track ip addresses so you can't vote twice. It keeps a tally of the number of votes and the average rating.

What I like about this widget - You can put it directly in posts. What I don't like - You have to get a new code snippet for each different post. There's a unique "rating ID" embedded in the snippet that tracks the rating for the individual post - this is why you have to get a new one for each page. But a small price to pay, really. If you can't wait for my evaluation results, go ahead and get one from getuserfeedback.com.

Here's another one, go ahead and try it too...It's ok, I know you want to...

If you really like clicking on these things there's another one over on the Free Blogging Tools testsite - go ahead.