5-star ratings widget evaluation - Update

Monday, April 7, 2008

5-star ratings widget evaluation - Update

Well, I've been using this little widget in the evaluation post and over on the Free Blogging Tools testsite for a few days now, and it seems to function perfectly. So I plan to start using one in each post on this blog. I guess the only remaining question is whether or not the getuserfeedback.com site stays up and running to host the data for this. The site says that it is "scheduled for a major upgrade, but that 5-star ratings widgets will continue to function". You can get one from getuserfeedback.com now, or wait a while - I'll be posting another update in a couple of weeks. BTW, if you start using this widget, I would appreciate a comment letting me know your experience with it.


Admin said...

Hi 'wrgb',
Thanks for taking the time to evaluate our rating widget.

Let me assure you that the existing and new users will not be affected by the site upgrade. The upgraded new site will be launched in a brand new website.

getuserfeedback.com will continue providing support and widgets :-)

wrgb said...

Thanks for the update about your site, and for making this widget available (and hosting the data) :)