Add the WeatherBug weather report to your blog with this new widget from Blogger in Draft

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I spent a little more time over at Blogger in Draft today, and found a few more new widgets (gadgets) worthy of mention. The first is a new local weather widget that displays the weather for any city or area. See it in action over on the Free Blogging Tools test site. The weather data comes from WeatherBug. You can edit the settings to change the zip code for the area you want. You can also set it to display in either deg F or C.

If you haven't visited Blogger in Draft yet, give it a try. You can pick up the latest widgets Blogger has to offer there. And remember, just use your regular Blogger account to login to Blogger in Draft, and any widget you add will still be accessible to you from your regular Blogger account.

"Dynamite" secret message widget for your blog, profile or website

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another cool widget from Just click on the bundle of dynamite and your "secret message" is delivered with a bang. This works inside of posts on Blogger - no need to add a page element. Can also be used on your profile at Blogger, MySpace, etc. or any website. You can customize the message paper and text color using the widget generator for this widget at

More new widgets - generators allow for fully-customized widgets

Friday, April 18, 2008

Rotating image cube widgetRotating image cube widget

I found another new widget site today - They have lots of "widget generators", which allow you to fully customize a widget, then get the HTML/Javascript/Flash code to put the widget on your site. You can see 3 of the widgets I found in action over on the Free Blogging Tools testsite. What you see here are screenshots - some of these widgets consume a lot of browser resources, so I didn't want all three on the same page here.

Flashing neon sign widgetFlashing neon sign widget

Scrolling led sign widgetScrolling LED sign widget